about us

About Us

In the current digitized world, data is everything. Data or information decides how your business is going to perform in the future, and your business needs to adjust and improve, in order to survive and grow in a highly competitive industry. Every business has its own data, but only a few know how to use it intelligently for decision making and future growth. ITCommence is there to help those who haven't mastered the art and science of data, to leverage it for their business growth.

Our Vision and Our Mission

Is to become a business's first choice for data visualization, big data and business intelligence solutions.

Develop BI and data visualization solutions which enables customers to get easy insight into their own data and to convert their data into valuable information which helps them to improve their performances.

Our Values

We create a working environment which encourage our people to think on their feet and innovate,which results in cutting-edge business solutions.

We foresee tomorrow's data need today, allowing us to come up with innovative and timely data visualization solutions that can easily adapt to changing needs of the businesses.

We are driven to innovate and break out of the pattern of reinventing the wheel. We thrive to stay ahead of our competitors through our innovative thinking and clever insight into the future.

At ITCommence, we focus on data engineering, business process optimization and business consultation. Graphique is our signature product and our prime data visualization platform, with which we add value to your data. We provide end-to-end business intelligence solutions to our customers, to leverage their existing data to provide better insight to their business performance. We also provide our clients with business solutions using cloud based technologies. Our business solutions are developed using cutting-edge technologies, while adhering to software engineering best practices, to deliver top quality and high performing products to our customers. We employee the best minds in the industry, in our teams, who are driven by their own passion and enthusiasm to develop the best business solutions and data visualization platforms, which are globally recognized and appreciated. We also provide professional consultancy for various business domains on addressing their unique business problems.

Our expertise also extends in staffing and consulting as well. We provide advisory and recruiting support to business,thereby solving the IT needs of an Organization. At ITCommence, we are reputed to finding the best skills from the job market to fulfill the IT needs of our customers. We thoroughly believe that providing the right people to a business's workforce is the key to your success, and we do our best to find the right people for you.

ITCommence has served several leading businesses and brands around the world. Our customer base is spread across multi-national corporations, SMEs, as well as across corporate and government entities. Our branding is our recognition in the industry as a highly reliable technology solutions company, who thrives on quality, efficiency, innovation and on-time delivery.