e-Sign & Graphique

e-Sign & Graphique ITCommence

e-Sign & Graphique are signature products of ITCommence. e-Sign is a revolutionary product to automate the official document signatures using the digital signature. Product is device independent and can be launched from any device. Graphique is a comprehensive end-to-end business data and BI solution that would enable a business to collect, refine, interpret and visualize it's data to help the managers create intelligent decisions for the growth of the business.

e-Sign & Graphique are the signature products of ITCommence.

e-Sign & Graphique encompasses several advantages over its competitive products.

  • Provide a simplified and interactive approach for business users to access, discover huge volumes of data seamlessly.
  • A complete software solution consisting of dashboards and reporting features that enables for more complex data management, big data, cloud and BI projects.
  • A powerful, robust BI solution which enables businesses to make quick decisions by providing interpretations on different dimensions of the data.
  • Graphique is simple and easy to use.
  • It uses in-memory technology to make the data usage and visualization seamless, giving a rich user experience to business users.
  • Graphique is designed and set up to deliver value and target around 40% of time.
  • It can be deployed on site or on the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device—from a single to large global enterprises.
  • Simple to Configure.
  • Hassle free communication.
  • Device independent.
  • Multi file type support.
  • Custom workflow.